Det blev inget sommarlov (2022 Visto)
Selfish Em is sent to stay with her blind gran while she works on an important school essay. Bored, she discovers an unfinished manuscript and gets caught up in the love story. When she realises the story is her gran’s, Em does everything she can to help her find a happy ending

Semla, tio dagar extra allt (Semla, ten days of everything, 2019 Idus)
When Happy-go-lucky Semla finds out her sister, Bea, is moving away from home, she does everything she can to prevent that from happening. Book an author talk:
Published by #Idus spring 2019



Maple Syrup on the Side
Grumpy teenager Penny freaks out when her mum takes her on the road to sell pancake mix. She tries to sabotage the trip at first, but when her mum falls ill, Penny is forced to step up. Just as things turn for the better, Penny uncovers a devastating truth.

If I Wait
Three months to go to the millennium and three people are waiting. Car rental agent Maria waits for her mother, nurse Carl for forgiveness, and the old boxer for the world to come to an end. When they get to know each other through a letter everything changes, but it’s not until New Years Eve that the life-changing moment occurs.  

Breaking Free
A successful doctor loses her way when her abusive husband is arrested in Nigeria. She sacrifices everything to set him free, only to realise it was her own freedom she was after.

TV (mini-series)

Waving Not Drowning
A biology teacher drowns and unbeknown to each other his wife, daughter, sister and mistress deal with their loss in different ways. As the truth about him and his death comes out, their stories overlap and their lives change forever.

Shorts (excl. corporate films)

  • The Last Cupcake (2023)
  • Salvaged love (written together with Claire Nicol) 
  • Anniversary
  • A Kiss
  • After School 
  • The Last Cake
  • Hello, Goodbye