Bärgad kärlek (Salvaged Love)

A tired couple in a tired marriage goes to therapy for their daughter’s sake. When they are encouraged to do something they never do, they get the wind back in their sails.


A romantic comedy set in the Vasa museum in Stockholm. Four actors, two days of filming in Jan/Feb 2020. Length: 8 minutes. Post-production in spring 2020. National premiere in Uppsala, Sweden October 2020. International film festival tour 2021/22.

Cast & crew

Producer: G. Nadasy
Screenwriters: Claire Nicol/Gisela Nadasy
Director: Gisela Nadasy
Ass.dir/creative director: Rikard Lagerberg
DoP: Matthew Barwick
Sound/sound edit: Joakim Persson
Prod.ass/lights: Robert Arvidsson
Actor: Jakob Fahlstedt

Actor: Katarina Bothén
Actor: Henrik Norman
Actor: Tina Tufan
Editing & Grading: Andreas Gejke
Graphics: Peter Lakowitz
Music: Philip Hjelmstedt
Make-up/hair: Jenny Guerrero
Costume: Tina Rydergård
Prod.ass/catering: Mikaela Hincks

Photo: Great actors in a great place. Henrik Norman, Katarina Bothén and Jakob Falhstedt.