Bärgad kärlek 2020 (Salvaged Love)

A tired couple in a tired marriage goes to therapy for their daughter’s sake. When they are encouraged to do something they never do, they get the wind back in their sails.


Winner of Best Romantic Short at the Shanghai Short Film Festival 2022 and Best Short Film Award at the Berlin Short Film Festival 2021. A romantic comedy set in the Vasa museum in Stockholm. Four actors, two days of filming in Jan/Feb 2020. Length: 8 minutes. Post-production in spring 2020. National premiere in Uppsala, Sweden October 2020. International film festival tour 2021/22.

Screenings/Awards/Nominations (so far)

  • Best Romantic Short, Shanghai Short Film Festival October 2022.
  • FilmBath Shorts November 2021.
  • Uppsala International Short Film Festival October 2021.
  • Women over 50 Film Festival September 2021.
  • Best Short Film Award. Berlin Short Film Festival July 2021.
  • Finalist. Ichalkaranji International Short Film Festival, India, July 2021.

Cast & crew

Producer: G. Nadasy
Screenwriters: Claire Nicol/Gisela Nadasy
Director: Gisela Nadasy
Ass.dir/creative director: Rikard Lagerberg
DoP: Matthew Barwick
Sound/sound edit: Joakim Persson
Prod.ass/lights: Robert Arvidsson
Actor: Jakob Fahlstedt

Actor: Katarina Bothén
Actor: Henrik Norman
Actor: Tina Tufan
Editing & Grading: Andreas Gejke
Graphics: Peter Lakowitz
Music: Philip Hjelmstedt
Make-up/hair: Jenny Guerrero
Costume: Tina Rydergård
Prod.ass/catering: Mikaela Hincks

Photo: Great actors in a great place. Henrik Norman, Katarina Bothén and Jakob Falhstedt.