Efter Skolan-19
On set with actress Angelika Roberts. Photo: Rikard Lagerberg

Here are a few of the things I have got going on at the moment.

Distribution of short film: En Kyss (A Kiss)

A philematologist looking for his first kiss books a prostitute who does everything but kiss.

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Children’s book: Mellan ljus och mörker (Glowing in the Dark)

A coming-of-age story about validation and love for girls 12+.

Development of screenplay:  Den Sista Kakan (The Last Cake)

A short about grief, hate and revenge. What happens when you can’t talk about your feelings? Even with your beloved big brother. For children over 9.
Logline: Nine-year-old Sara is afraid of the dark and dreams of killing the carpet salesman who ran over her mum. When her dad announces they are moving abroad she knows it’s now or never. Can she go through with it?

Development of screenplay: Salvaged love

A short romcom written together with award-winning screenwriter Claire Nicol.

PR for published children’s book: Semla, tio dagar extra allt

A story about loving a sister more than anyone else and having parents who don’t tell you the truth. Happy-go-lucky Semla finds out her big sister Bea is moving out and hatches a plan to stop her going with the help of Gerry, a Scottish mouse. And yet, inevitably, the day comes when Bea leaves.