Screenplays features

If I Wait
At the brink of the millennium a struggling photographer sets out to find his birth mum and instead finds love. He finally tracks his mother down but realises he can’t turn back the clock and that real family isn’t everything.

Waving Not Drowning
A biology teacher drowns and unbeknown to each other his wife, daughter, sister and mistress deal with their loss in different ways. As the truth about him and his death comes out, their stories overlap and their lives change forever.

Breaking Free
A successful doctor loses her way when her abusive husband is arrested in Nigeria. She sacrifices everything to set him free, only to realise it was her own freedom she was after.

Maple Syrup on the Side
Grumpy teenager Penny freaks out when her mum takes her on the road to sell pancake mix. She tries to sabotage the trip at first, but when her mum falls ill, Penny is forced to step up. Just as things turn for the better, Penny uncovers a devastating truth.

Screenplays shorts (a selection)

  • Anniversary (2 mins)
  • Salvaged Love (14 mins)
  • A Kiss (5 mins)
  • After School (10 mins)
  • The Last Cake (15 mins)
  • Hello, Goodbye (15 mins)