What’s on 2021

Distribution of short film: Bärgad kärlek (Salvaged love) 2020

A tired couple in a tired marriage goes to therapy for their daughter’s sake. When they are encouraged to do something they never do, they get the wind back in their sails.

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Distribution of short film: En Kyss (A Kiss) 2018

A philematologist who’s never been kissed hires an escort to put theory into practice – but that’s the one thing she won’t do.

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Short in development:  Den sista kakan (The Last Cake)

Logline: Nine-year-old Sara is afraid of the dark and dreams of killing the carpet salesman who ran over her mum. When her dad announces they are moving abroad she knows it’s now or never. Can she go through with it?

About: A short about grief, hate and revenge. What happens when you can’t talk about your feelings? Even with your beloved big brother. For children over 9.

Teen novel: Maud & jag (Maud & I)

Logline: Selfish Em is sent to stay with her gran while she works on a critical school essay. Bored, she discovers an unfinished book and gets caught up in the love story. When she realises the story is her gran’s, Em does everything she can to help her find a happy ending.

About: A coming-of-age radio play about validation and love for girls aged 15 to 19 turns into a novel.

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