En kyss 2018 (A Kiss)

A philematologist who’s never been kissed hires an escort to put theory into practice – but that’s the one thing she won’t do.


Filmed in one day in Uppsala at Scandic hotel with one camera and two actors. Premiere in Oxford, UK March 2019. A Kiss is distributed via Largos TV and ShortsTV during 2021-2023.


  • Oxford International Film Festival, England. March 2019 (Won Best International Drama)
  • 21st Ismailia International Film Festival for Documentaries and Shorts, Egypt. April 2019
  • Sunderland International Short Film Festival, England. May 2019
  • Vaughn International Film Festival, Canada. May 2019 (Nominated Best Actress).
  • Abuja International Film Festival, Nigeria. September 2019
  • Live at Heart film & music festival, Örebro. October 2019
  • Uppsala International Short Film festival, Uppsala. October 2019
  • 8th Mumbai Shorts International Filmfest, India. December 2019
  • 2nd Annual Ojai Short Film Fest, California, USA. December 2019
  • Received Award of merit at The IndieFEST Film Awards.

Cast & crew

  • Malin: Sara Lewerth
  • David: Henrik Norman
  • Screenwriter/director: Gisela Nadasy
  • Director of photography: Roy Rossovich
  • First assistant director: Rikard Lagerberg
  • Set assistant: Mats Möller
  • Sound: Jesper Magnusson
  • Editor: Karl Peterson
  • Hair/make-up: Jenny Guerrero
  • Production assistant/Catering: Anna Ohlström Ferm
  • Graphics: Peter Lakowitz
  • Music: Josefin Sirén
  • Grading: Mats Möller
  • Sound editing: Oscar Àlvarez


Efter skolan 2016 (After School)

Photo: Magnus Peterson DOP. Francisco Sobrado as Bill and Alexandra Chalupa as Flora.

Two couples meet at their children’s school one night to plan a class outing. But things take an unexpected turn when they end up playing spin the bottle and become kids themselves.


Filmed in two days in Knivsta with two cameras and six actors. The film premiered in 2017 and was distributed via Largos TV and ShortsTV in 2018-2020.


  • Port Orchard Film Festival, Washington, 4-6 May 2018.
  • Sunderland Short Film Festival, UK, 3-5 May 2018.
  • Uppsala International Film Festival, Sweden, 2017.
  • Jameson CineFest Miskolc International Film Festival, Hungary, 2017.
  • Award of Excellence. Canada Shorts Film Festival, 2017.
  • Nominee. International Short Film Festival Beveren, Belgium 2017.
  • FICLAPAZ – La Paz International Film Festival, Bolivia, 2017.
  • Award of Merit at the IndieFEST Film Awards, 2016.

Cast & crew:

  • Actor (Nadja): Angelika Roberts
  • Actor (Stefan): Henrik Norman
  • Actor (Flora): Alexandra Chalupa
  • Actor (Bill): Francisco Sobrado
  • Actor (Stella): Sophia Nadasy
  • Actor (Adam): Anton Lakowitz
  • Screenwriter/director: Gisela Nadasy
  • Director of photography: Magnus Peterson
  • First assistant director: Rikard Lagerberg
  • Camera B operator: Mats Möller
  • First Assistant Camera: Mats Ljungberg
  • Sound: Oscar Alvarez
  • Hair and make-up: Nina Hultman Acosta
  • Costume: Tina Rydergård
  • Set dresser: Katarina Lakowitz
  • Set assistants: Matilda Stenberg and Kevok Bozarslan
  • Catering: Mikaela Hincks
  • Editor: Karl Peterson
  • Sound mix: Oscar Alvarez
  • Colour grading: Magnus Peterson
  • Music: Nitton (2014)
  • Graphics: Peter Lakowitz
Francisco Sobrado and Alexandra Chalupa as the parents Bill and Flora in After School. Photo: Rikard Lagerberg.

Ett avsked 2012 (Hello, Goodbye)

Watch it here


A drama set in 1961 about a progressive journalist who can’t shake off her ex boyfriend. Filmed in three days with two cameras and two actors in Stockholm and Uppsala. The film was nominated Best Foreign Film and Best Make-Up at the Southampton International Film Festival 2013.


Astrid and Erik meet ten years after their break-up. Can they pick up where they left off?

Cast & crew:

  • Actor (Astrid): Angelika Roberts
  • Actor (Erik): Lukas Loughran
  • Screenwriter/director: Gisela Nadasy
  • Director of photography: Rikkard Häggbom
  • First assistant director: Rikard Lagerberg
  • Camera B operator: Daniela Heiskanen
  • Sound: Mattias Valenca
  • Editor: Joe Bentley
  • Graphics: Jenny Findahl, Snowtrail
  • Sound mix: Joakim Davidsson
  • Grading: Karl Peterson
  • Script consulting: Bertil Karlmark
  • Hair and make-up: Kristina Pettersson
  • Costume: Tina Rydergård
  • Extra and production assistant: Mikaela Hincks
  • Production assistant: Cecilia Karlmark Höye
  • Catering : Lana Karlmark
Denna bild har ett alt-attribut som är tomt. Dess filnamn är 800x400px-hello-goodbye-2.png
Angelika Roberts as Astrid is waiting for her former lover Erik. Photo: Rikkard Häggbom



Det blev inget sommarlov (2022 Visto)
Selfish Em is sent to stay with her blind gran while she works on an important school essay. Bored, she discovers an unfinished manuscript and gets caught up in the love story. When she realises the story is her gran’s, Em does everything she can to help her find a happy ending

Semla, tio dagar extra allt (Semla, ten days of everything, 2019 Idus)
When Happy-go-lucky Semla finds out her sister, Bea, is moving away from home, she does everything she can to prevent that from happening. Book an author talk:
Published by #Idus spring 2019



Maple Syrup on the Side
Grumpy teenager Penny freaks out when her mum takes her on the road to sell pancake mix. She tries to sabotage the trip at first, but when her mum falls ill, Penny is forced to step up. Just as things turn for the better, Penny uncovers a devastating truth.

If I Wait
Three months to go to the millennium and three people are waiting. Car rental agent Maria waits for her mother, nurse Carl for forgiveness, and the old boxer for the world to come to an end. When they get to know each other through a letter everything changes, but it’s not until New Years Eve that the life-changing moment occurs.  

Breaking Free
A successful doctor loses her way when her abusive husband is arrested in Nigeria. She sacrifices everything to set him free, only to realise it was her own freedom she was after.

TV (mini-series)

Waving Not Drowning
A biology teacher drowns and unbeknown to each other his wife, daughter, sister and mistress deal with their loss in different ways. As the truth about him and his death comes out, their stories overlap and their lives change forever.

Shorts (excl. corporate films)

  • The Last Cupcake (2023)
  • Salvaged love (written together with Claire Nicol) 
  • Anniversary
  • A Kiss
  • After School 
  • The Last Cake
  • Hello, Goodbye

Projects 2023

Here are a few of the things I have got going on at the moment.

Production:  På det fjärde ska det ske (wip 2023)

My fifth short about grief, hate and revenge. What happens when you can’t talk about your feelings and rid yourself of murderous hatred? About to shoot a trailer and then apply for financial funding/co-production. Filmed October 2022. Postproduction 2023.

Logline: Ten-year-old Sara is afraid of the dark and dreams of killing the carpet salesman who ran over her mum. When her dad announces they are moving abroad she knows it’s now or never. Can she go through with it?

Festival tour for short film Bärgad kärlek (Salvaged Love)

A short romcom written together with award-winning screenwriter Claire Nicol. 2022/23.

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Teen novel: Det blev inget sommarlov/Summer of Love (December 2022)

A coming-of-age drama and love story for girls aged 15 to 19. Set in the 60s/70s and present day. 

Logline: Selfish Em is sent to stay with her gran. Bored, she discovers an unfinished book and gets caught up in the love story. When she realises the story is her gran’s, Em does everything she can – together with a new friend – to find a happy ending.

School talks with published children’s book: Semla, tio dagar extra allt

A story about loving a sister more than anyone else and having parents who don’t tell you the truth.

Logline: Happy-go-lucky Semla finds out her big sister Bea is moving out and does everything to prevent that from heppening. And yet, inevitably, the day comes when Bea leaves.

Distribution of short film: En Kyss (A Kiss)

A philematologist looking for his first kiss books a prostitute who does everything but kiss.

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